Monkey Jungle & Zip Line Adventures

Monkey Jungle has two venues for your enjoyment. A 4,500 foot, 7 station ACCT certified zip line and an ancient 5 acre grotto with over 20+ squirrel and capuchin monkeys.

Click on the links below to learn more about each activity:

Zip Line Adventures

Monkey Jungle Experience

General Admission (12+)
$55 USD or 2,750RD

Child Admission (3-11)
$35 USD or 1,750RD

General Admission (12+)
$28 USD or $1,400RD

Child Admission (3-11)
$20 USD or $1,000RD


 *Escorts for the zip line are available for all ages, but highly recommended for ages 8 and under. $5 USD or $250 RD*

Combination Special! Feed the monkeys and zip line!

General Admission (12+ years) $70 USD or $3,500RD
Child Admission (3-11 years) $50 USD or $2,500RD

*Resident prices now available with valid ID*


Thanks for your support!