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Dr. Gerry Dental Center

Our Dental clinic offers free dental care to all Haitians and Dominicans living on the North Coast of Dominican Republic.

HADAC financial resources for the North Coast come primarily from the ex-pats that have made the D.R. their home. However, there are so many underserved people in need of dental care that it is increasingly difficult to raise the funds needed here.

Get involved today and make a difference!

Dr. Jose Oscar Garcia Padilla

Donations Accepted

We are now having to turn to our home countries for help.

You can donate to our clinic by using Paypal at the link below. Or by check payable to HADAC. Please add Dental on the memo and mail it to: P.O.BOX 2664 Washington, North Carolina 27889.

Please include your email address in order to receive a tax receipt and our year-end newsletter.

If you would like to donate Dental Supplies to our clinic, please email our Clinic Coordinator Rob at for guidance.

Our dental staff and volunteers

Our Dental Clinic is staffed by professionally trained volunteers who tirelessly work each Saturday in high heat and humidity to improve the lives of the people we have come to call our neighbors.

We are assisted by the amazing Dominican Dentist, Giancarlo Brache who often travels from Santo Domingo, volunteering his time and his invaluable insights. Vielka Polanco also travels from Puerto Plata each Saturday and Levidan assists the HADAC Clinic as a lab technician. (Pictured top left.)

We provide patient transport from the main highway to the Clinic every Saturday for our patients as well as transport for our Dentists.

Volunteering can give your life a completely new meaning! The rewards are endless in the Hugs, Smiles and Friendships you will make.

Dental Teams

MonkeyJungle is very fortunate to have many visiting teams from all over to donate their time to work at our clinic. In 2022, we were blessed with many dental team volunteers. We brought up kids from several orphans, schools, and adults from a retirement house.

We have awesome teams from Germany that come for several months each year. The dentures, bridges, and reconstruction surgery they provide transform people’s lives and smiles!

Other teams from the US, Canada, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, and Venezuela volunteer frequently at our Dental Clinics.

We make it easy to volunteer

If you are a Dentist, Hygienist, or Assistant that has ever dreamed of gathering a team together and doing some much needed humanitarian work, utilizing the HADAC Clinic can make your experience so much easier. 

If you visit the Puerto Plata area on vacation, you can simply volunteer on a Saturday, during our regular clinic days.

If you would like to learn more, please contact our Clinic Coordinator Rob at for ways we can help make your dream a reality.

No dental experience, but would like to get involved?

If you are coming to the Puerto Plata area or living here and are an energetic, fun loving person with a kind and caring heart; one that has often thought of volunteering, or learning more about our clinic and what we do, please contact us.

There are so many areas we could use your help; with triage, filling out charts, sterilization, cleaning and setting up tables, translation.

We are also looking for part-time volunteers. If you can’t commit to every Saturday, we always have lots of opportunities to help, whether painting, gardening, driving, translating, or photography, your heart and hands are welcome!

Our Dental Clinic is dedicated to Gerry Pinsonneault, DDS

The Monkey Jungle HADAC Dental Clinic is dedicated to our dear friend Dr. Gerry who has left us an incredible legacy that will live long in the hearts of the many he touched, and the thousands upon thousands of smiles he created.