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Ritzen Memorial Clinic

The goal of disease prevention, infection control, and healthy lifestyle education is the foremost concern of our weekly Clinic.

It is staffed by Dr. Walner Jean (Dr. Wally), and Terrisita Grant-Galli, our Medical Coordinator.


Dr. Wally has been at Monkey Jungle since 2011.  He met Candy and Chuck when he did a training placement with Dream Project.  At that time, Wally had successfully completed 3 years of his Medical training, and had taken a break in his education, to finance his studies.  After spending some time with him, and realizing Wally’s excellent potential, and the need for Haitian doctors to be trained to provide care,  they committed to fund the remaining two years of Dr. Wally’s education. Throughout his time at University, Wally served our clinics at Monkey Jungle, both as a dental assistant, then as our Doctor, travelling from Santiago every Saturday.  He graduated with his Doctorate in Medicine from UTESA, (Universidad Tecnologica de Santiago) July 2016.  Dr. Wally continues to work with our Clinic every week, as well, serves in the communities of Barrio Blanco and Batey Cangrejo in their clinics, with visiting groups and the Medical Community on the North Coast.  His dedication, expertise, patience and kindness are much appreciated by all.

Terrisita Grant-Galli has been involved with Monkey Jungle for over 5 years, managing the Medical Clinic and Pharmacy at Monkey Jungle. She provides pharmaceutical support and education to our Patients, and acts as a liason with visiting groups, as well as soliciting, organizing and distributing medical equipment and medicine as it becomes available to our Care Partners.  From Ontario, Canada, Terrisita has a background in Health Care, as a Psychiatric Social Worker and Advocate/Educator, providing front line support for those affected, political activism, as well as organizational development and Community building.   A life-long volunteer, Terrisita believes that “Service is Love in Action”, and is pleased to have the opportunity to provide assistance at Monkey Jungle Medical Clinic. Clinic day is her favorite day of the week.

Some of those partners we support by sharing that generosity include:

Live Different Haiti, Barrio Blanco, Cabarete

The Dominican Air Force, Puerto Plata Public General Hospital

Puerto Plata Children’s Hospital, Montellano Hospital

Barrio Negro, Puerto Plata, Batey Cangrejo

Sosua Abajo Pregnancy Center


We deal with pre-natal and infant/maternal care, cardiac and pulmonary issues, infections, parasite treatment and prevention, First Aid, Health and Nutrition education (and when we can, nutritional supplements) and other general medical concerns.

When needed, we pay for surgeries for those that can not pay.


It is our mission to provide the best, most up to date care possible for our Patients, and if necessary, advocate for them to receive further care at other Health Care venues.




Our Medical Clinic, sponsors a number of Haitian initiatives run by Doctors providing care in some of Haiti’s most vulnerable areas.

Among them are:
Dr. Kinsley Fidele, who works in the Pignon area in the north of the country. Seen here with our Medical Coordinator Teresita.


Dr. Reginald Kerrole, The Kerolle Initiative for Community Health in Port au Prince


Our own Dr. Wally, who provides care to children in  La Victoire, Nord under his own Dr Jean Foundation Center.

Live Different,  which runs Ecole L’Union 
High in the mountains above the city of Cap Haitien is a small village called Calvaire where lies the school Ecole L’Union built by Live different, which has been a frequent recipient of HADAC food and Medical supplies.
Our Medical Clinic at Monkey Jungle was founded to bring much needed basic health care services to the very poor, underserved Haitian and Dominican families on the North Coast, as well as provide practical support and medicine to individuals and groups providing relief services in Haiti and the D.R.

Many of the people who visit our weekly clinic have very limited options to access a Doctors care, and most would be unable to afford the free, but necessary medical interventions we provide. We have had the honour of hosting groups from many different countries that plan Health Mission trips to the D.R., whose donations of medication and medical supplies, and “on the ground” service truly make a difference in the lives of our patients. 
We have also been greatly supported in this endeavor by the generosity of our Monkey Jungle visitors, who bring us supplies from “home” when they visit. Every donation is important.


If you would like to donate products to the Medical Clinic, we have a wish list.

It includes (but is not limited to)

  • Anti-fungal topical lotions, soaps, ointments
  • Pre-natal supplements (vitamins)
  • Children & Adult Vitamins (no “gummies” please)
  • Lice & Scabies treatments
  • Small soaps (individual size)
  • Muscle rub
  • Cough Syrup
  • Hand sanitizer
  • If you choose to donate cash, we will purchase antibiotics, patent medicines, nutritional supplements and medical interventions we are unable to provide (tests and treatments at other Clinics or Hospitals).


You can also donate financially to our Clinic by making checks payable to HADAC marking Medical on bottom of your check and mail it to P.O.BOX 2664 Washington, North Carolina 27889.
For more information please contact Linda, our administrator at

Thanks for your support!