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New Beginnings


Monkey Jungle gets a  cuddly new Monkey

Monkey Jungle gets a  cuddly new Monkey

January 2018

Well almost every one. Here is Mike trying to explain that holding a pole is very hard work.
Our Squirrel Monkeys get a new double door entrance into the grotto.
An amazing new large night cage has been added, with four individual rooms that can be open into one large one.
Each room has two little Night houses for our squirrels to be able to get out of the wind and rain and have a cosy nights sleep.
Beautiful Hibiscus have been added.

February 17, 2018

We can not thank Patty and Kelly at Jolly Rogers enough for their continued support or the great teams that played to help raise funds for the Clinics. Amazing people!

Love is in the air at Monkey Jungle Happy Valentines Day!


December 24 th, 17

Santa Visits Monkey Jungle. Thanks Linda and Mike for the wonderful staff appreciation lunch!
December Linda (Candy’s Mom and husband Mike have arrived!

November 2017

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the loss of our amazing alpha squirrel Luke. He protected his troop for many years and with great wisdom.

October 17 th, 2017

Today marks the one year anniversary of the tragic event that took Chuck and Candy away from us. However, if you take a moment to look back, and then look to the future, you see the tremendous impact they have and continue to make in the lives of those around us. Thank you everyone for your continued support.
Candy and Chuck your smiles will always be remembered.

October 22, 2017

With so many children having to suffer through two hurricanes as well as the flooding this year, Sandi our Dental Clinic Manager has decided to put together a Toy Run for the many underprivileged children living on the north coast of Dominican Republic.

We would so appreciate if anyone is coming to the Puerto Plata area for a vacation in the next couple of months, that you would consider supporting her by bringing a gift with you.

Handmade Dollys for our “Spread the love” Toy Drive. Thanks so much Joanne Hickey for initiating this project and for all the ladies that put them together.
Yes, it is indeed true! The road to Monkey Jungle has been greatly improved.

May 18,2017

We have a new addition to our family and it is a boy!

March 3, 2017

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