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Looking Back 2010-2016


It is with very Heavy hearts that we have to inform you that the owners of Monkey Jungle. Chuck and Candy Ritzen’s plane went down while returning from a mission trip to Haiti.On board were Chuck and Candy and Benjamin Cole Brown the operations manager with Live different. Our thoughts and prayers are with their Families and all who knew and loved them.


Denson doing a presentation of Monkey Jungle at Puerto Plata’s Tourist fair.

As written by March 2015 by Taralynn McNitt.

Above is a photo of our guides. They each have their own celebrity names! I was paired up with Wyclef Jean! The guides were all hilarious and would tell you anything to make you feel safe.

85 year old Gentleman zip lines and has a blast!
Baby Joy comes into the world (July 2015)
Maggie says “I survived the drop into the bat cave. So much Fun!”
Beauty and the beast Sharing a meal.
Thanks to all our wonderful Guests. We love you!

February 22, 2014

Our Dental Clinic is dedicated to our dear friend Dr. Gerry who has left us an incredible legacy that will live long in the hearts of the many he touched, and the thousands upon thousands of smiles he created.
Candy and our newest Capuchin Pikachu, sharing special moments
He sure does love Candy


We are please to introduce to you our 2 beautiful macaws, Laura & Principe
The Wisconsin Dentists and Monkey Jungle Dental Team gather for a group photo after 3 days of work and fun times!
Chuck nurses a baby owl with a broken wing, you can almost see the little guy smiling.
Feeding Time

The Dental Clinic gets expanded thanks to ‘Live Different’

In early 2013 Monkey Jungle Dental Clinic was expanded by 500 square feet to include two more operatories. Live Different, lead by Benjamin Cole Brown a wonderful Canadian youth organization contributed $4,000 USD to the $20,000 expansion and spent a week doing manual labor and the beautiful murals in the clinic.

We are finished
All that is left is to hang our surprise and new sign.

February 2013. – Posted on facebook By Bob Hunt


So much fun watching Sandi, Donna and Jim teaching the little Children how to care for their teeth with the help of a very special Monkey.
Group photo after instructions on how to look after their teeth

August 3, 2012

We welcome another new little baby.
Chuck, Dr. Bob and Dr. Gerry watching the super bowl. No girls allowed!
Dr. Gerry and Coco sharing quality time together. Best Friends indeed!


August was such a great month as 7 baby squirrel monkey were born at Monkey Jungle.
New and exciting addition to Monkey Jungle’s adventures. Our new fan Descender.
Sandi our Dental Clinic Coordinator finally tries the Zip line. The Verdict? The smile says it all!


Dr. Gerry, Sandi, and Dr. Snodgrass and team out on a night on the town after 3 long days of treating patients
We call them our “A” Team at the Dental Clinic at Monkey Jungle. There is no other way to put it. We are Family and love what we do!
Karen and Sandi Relaxing after Saturday Clinic With special iced coffee made by Chuck!
A Monkey Zip Line Adventure!
Coco with the Ritzen’s having a drink at the bar.

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