Monkey Jungle & Zip Line Adventures

The Leon-Laroche Clinics at Monkey Jungle started in mid-2009 with visiting Nashville pediatric dentist, Dr. David Snodgrass, pulling teeth in the rear of a Dodge pickup truck. By the end of 2009 we finished building our small medical and dental clinics.

It was then that I met Dr. Gerry Pinsonneault a retired orthodontist from Canada, and his wife Sandi a registered dental assistant and clinic manager. With their combined skills and expertise from installing, ordering, setting up and running the clinic, it truly blossomed.

Our original plan was that we would be servicing the 550 + Haitians and Dominicans living in close proximity to our clinic. Word traveled fast that we were offering free treatment, far many had never seen a dentist in their life and just couldn’t afford to see a doctor. They were coming as far as 2 hours away and we soon found ourselves seeing as many as 60 patients each Saturday. The demand was growing!

By the end of 2009 it was apparent that we needed a commercial attraction to expand, maintain and perpetuate these free clinics. The idea to open a Monkey and Zip line attraction was born. 

In early 2013 Monkey Jungle Dental Clinic was expanded by 500 square feet to include two more operatories. Live Different, lead by Benjamin Cole Brown a wonderful Canadian youth organization contributed $4,000 USD to the $20,000 expansion and spent a week doing manual labor and the beautiful murals in the clinic.


We are finished


All that is left is to hang our surprise and new sign.





February 22nd, 2014


Our Dental Clinic is dedicated to our dear friend Dr. Gerry who has left us an incredible legacy that will live long in the hearts of the many he touched, and the thousands upon thousands of smiles he created.


Thanks for your support!