Monkey Jungle & Zip Line Adventures

Volunteers at Monkey Jungle consist of two main groups

1. Health Care Professionals:

Over 45 teams of health care professional have volunteered to work at Monkey Jungle. The commitment usually runs for 3 to 6 days. Teams frequently stay in Sosua or Cabarete in all-inclusive hotels starting at $55USD/day/person. Some rent beachfront homes. Each work day they come to MJ and start at about 9:00am and finish at4:00pm seeing about 150 medical and 40-50 dental patients with enough time left for a bit of libations. Surgical teams work at Central Medical Center in Sosua. Teams are expected to bring replacements for consumables used and a bit extra. There are no fees to work at MJ.

The Saturday afternoon pig roast is a big hit to repeating teams.

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2. Local Volunteers:

Local volunteers donate a day or two at the clinic or Jungle. Many help on Saturday which is our normal clinic day. Experience is appreciated, but it is not required.

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3. Long Term/Full Time Volunteers

Usually from Canada, the United States or Europe; volunteers sign up for 6 month or 13 month tenures for ages over 21. Accommodations, basic necessities, food and a stipend are provided. We require a resume and a cover letter addressing your passion for volunteering at Monkey Jungle and several discussions to finalize selection. For more information “Click Here”.

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More information is also available by downloading this PDF file: Monkey Jungle Job Solicitation


Traveling to Monkey Jungle?
If you are traveling to Monkey Jungle and want to bring a donation please consider the following items: Similac, cloth diapers, children vitamins, hand sanitizer, children’s Tylenol and prenatal vitamins.

Please-no personal prescriptions.

Thanks for your support!