Monkey Jungle & Zip Line Adventures

Monkey Jungle has three venues for your enjoyment.  A 4,500 foot, 7 station ACCT certified zip line, an ancient 5 acre grotto botanical park with 30+ squirrel and capuchin monkeys and a seven station private gun range.


is 4,500 foot ACCT certified zip line with 7 stations and 2 suspended bridges, one with a free fall belay device (fan descender) that drops you over 50 feet into an ancient bat cave.

This course is suitable for all ages, from 2 to 92.  Experienced guides lead guests through the mountain top to mountain top course. MJ is proud to serve people with special needs.  This tour takes about 1.25 hours

Venue 2. Botanical Park

Located in our ancient grotto is a botanical park with 30+ free roaming squirrel monkeys.  These monkeys love visitors and love to sit on shoulders, heads and feed from special plates.  This is the best photo opportunity in the DR. At the bottom of the grotto is an enclosure for our rescue capuchin monkeys who have been physically or nutritionally abused.  There are 100’s of other free roaming animal throughout the park. This tour takes about 30 minutes.

Venue 3. Gun Range

Located 5 minutes away is a 7 station gun range with adjacent offensive/defensive course. Our certified fire arms instructor (CFI) is available with advanced reservations and 12 gauge Mossberg shotguns and 9mm pistols are included in this course.


Reservations Required for Gun Range
Text reservations to: 829-554-2425

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